About Us

In 1973, WESTINGHOUSE BRAKE & SIGNAL LTD., a British owned rail-engineering group, founded Westcode, to provide the product support for it’s growing product sales in North America Incorporated. The original company can trace its roots back to the late 1800’s when the founder GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE had established companies throughout Europe. Through the 1970's and early 1980’s the company focused primarily on the US freight Rail freight car market, and was forced to refocus towards the Rail Transit sector in the early 1980’s following the collapse of the freight car industry. Over the intervening years the company developed it’s product range, firstly to include Door systems, and later to Air Conditioning Systems, as well as the original range of pneumatic equipment. Throughout this time the company continued to grow and to become a primary supplier to the US Transit Industry.

After being part of the world respected HAWKER SIDDLEY Engineering Group, the company was briefly owned by BRITISH TYRE and RUBBER, who through a management buyout sold it to it’s current owners in 1995. These associations have all assisted in developing what is today a youthful and energetic company, which is able to draw upon over 100 years of experience in the Rail Industry.

In 1996, to maintain it’s quest to supply leading edge technology, the company entered into a technology transfer agreement with MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC of Japan, and was the first US supplier to utilize the Scroll compressor technology in a rail transit application.

Today the company has sold $400,000,000 in equipment and is a supplier to ALL the major transit car builders, and many of the transit authorities. From it’s headquarters in West Chester Pennsylvania the company has expanded by building new “State of the Art”, air conditioning assembly facilities in Binghamton, and has grown geographically by the establishment of WESTCODE (UK) Ltd., which is now an approved supplier to London Underground and others in the UK. With investments in test facilities and people, and with a determination to win, the company is currently the number one supplier of Rail Air Conditioning in North America and is poised to continue its success into the new millennium.